Caeloscope (Latin caelum, sky) – instrument allowing the observation of the urban sky

Rarely do we lift our heads to look at the sky. The city obstructs the view, buildings dominate the landscape, leaving only narrow channels of the visible blue. This estrangement from the sky was further intensified during the recent confinement. Many of us have found ourselves locked in small apartments with no access to open space. For some, seeing the sky has become an effort, even a challenge. And to be deprived of the sky is to forget how to be free.  A Caeloscope is an instrument which aims to turn our gaze upwards again, towards the sky which is always there yet always different, an essence of impermanence and its antithesis at the same time. Caeloscope allows us to observe this relationship between the constant and the variable with the highest accuracy. How is it possible? The device uses a large stainless steel mirror that reflects the slightest change in the environment. The installation is interactive, just turn the Caeloscope to examine the desired fragment of the urban sky.

On June 14-19, 2022, Keloskop will be in the honorary courtyard of the Medical University – Université Montpellier in France, as part of the annual Living Architecture Festival. After the exhibition is over, the installation will return to Krakow, where it will be able to make one of the public squares / courtyards more attractive.

The creation of this unique sculpture was possible thanks to the support of the IDEANOVA Foundation.
The IDEANOVA Foundation is a Public Benefit Organization that initiates nationwide social campaigns addressed to children and young people, the aim of which is to draw the attention of the young generation to environmental, social and urban challenges. It was created out of love and concern for the current and future shape of the shared urban space. Its mission is to actively work to change the current image of public space by enriching the urban fabric with small and medium-sized architectural forms. The Foundation organizes international architectural competitions, as part of which unique art installations are created, presented in the most prestigious locations in the country. The Foundation also supports young artists, architects and designers in starting their professional careers.

Aleksander Rokosz : An architecture graduate of the ENSA Val-de-Seine that turns more and more into art and design. Multiple winner of competitions for sculptural interventions in public space, such as 24h Sundial, Time Capsule, Wierszownik in Krakow or Eyepiece in Vancouver. Professionally associated with the Oskar Zięta’s studio in Wrocław, where he creates artistic installations and supervises the company’s creative activities. In addition, he works with Elab agency, helping young students to prepare applications for foreign universities related to architecture and design.

Alek believes that a design project always starts with a well-told story. In his works, he combines architecture and art with the analysis of physical phenomena and social processes. By introducing interactive elements in his pieces, he tries to shorten the distance between art and its recipient.